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Our Baby Dolls


Prepare to fall in love!
These cuties are addictive and will own you in no time

Kitten Availability


A deposit of $100 is required to be waitlisted

No kittens available at this time

Chiffondolls Miss Madison at 6 weeks of age
(Audrey x Bogart are the proud parents)
She is also one of our Moms

Kittens will remain on hold until their 8th week for evaluation and assessment.
They will then be offe
red in order of Show/Breeder, Show/Alter and Pet.
Please contact us with your preference and/or to be added on our waitlist.

We will sell our baby dolls only to approved homes or catteries
and reserve the right of selection / rejection.
The best interest of our kittens is always our main priority.

Chiffondolls' very first litter!!!

We proudly present Coraly's 5 beautiful and precious babies

Coraly's 2-day old kittens
Picture taken at 4 days old

How to proceed to reserve your Chiffondolls Ragdoll baby ...

First and foremost, you need to read our policies' section located within the Adoption page. These policies are reflected in our contracts and are non-negotiable. No baby of ours will be sold without a signed contract.

On to reservations, we prefer an email from you which details what you are looking for and a short description of your lifestyle so we can try to match as best as we can a baby doll that will fit right in. At the time of the reservation, we will ask you to deposit $100. Confirmation of the reservation will only be issued upon reception of your deposit (deposits are non-refundable). The balance owing will be due when picking up your little bundle of joy. Please note we don't accept personal cheques and make no exceptions on this rule. Deposits and final payments can be made via PayPal, which can be found on our Adoption page at the complete bottom. They can also be made by certified cheques, bank drafts, money order or cash.

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Waitlisted ...

Waitlisted does not necessarily mean first-come / first-serve here at Chiffondolls. Each kitty is evaluated to find out in which setting it would do best and be the most comfortable. When requesting to adopt a Chiffondolls' baby, I will ask many questions about your lifestyle and such ... it is only to determine which ragdoll would best fit with you and your family. Some kittens are happier where there's lots of traffic and energy in a house, while others would do best in a more quiet setting.

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What's included ...

Your kitten comes with a 5-year genetic guarantee and a 2-year guarantee on FIP; we are very proud to offer such a guarantee and can do this because of the extensive testing that we do on their parents. Healthy babies are born to healthy parents!!!

Vaccinations will be up-to-date and the medical journal of the kitten will be provided to the new owner including our vet's recommendations and ours. Your doll will leave us having seen our vet twice and will have had two vaccines (3in1) at the age of 8 and 12 weeks.

Age appropriate deworming will have been done.

Copies of both parents' pedigree will be provided.

Registration with one association (CFA), is included in our prices. 

Pets and Show / Alters will have been spayed / neutered prior to their departure. The price of the altering is included in the prices we quote.

Care package (blanket with the smell of home, favorite toy, dry and wet food the kitty is already eating to get you started, instructions on how to care for your new kitten)

We shall remain available for updates, questions and support for you and your kitten throughout the baby's life.

Last but not least, your kitten comes with a written contract signed by us and also requires your signature. These contracts are designed to protect all that are involved, including the wellfare and protection of your kitty.

Selling a kitten does not end at the door when you leave; not with us. Everything usually goes well, but occasionally there are concerns or questions, and in those instances we will do all that we can to help. We always love hearing how your baby doll is doing and will always be very happy to help in any way that we can.

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How they are doing ...

It is always such a joy to hear how one of our dolls is doing. Whether they be 8 months old or 8 years old, pictures and a few words from you are a real treat for us. To hear that they are doing well and thriving is incredible to hear but to write with health questions or any problems you might encounter is also always welcome. It will always be our pleasure to do anything we can to help in their transition and in anything else you deem important.

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Healthy babies are born to healthy parents!!!

All of our breeding lines have been tested and are negative for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immune Deficiency Virus (FIV), HCM through DNA, heart murmur and we confirm color via DNA testing when necessary.   

The testing that we do is quite extensive, but we strongly believe that healthy kittens are born to healthy parents.  Because our first priority, here at Chiffondolls, lies with the health of every kitty that we produce and own, testing is of the utmost importance.

A word of caution when shopping around for that perfect Ragdoll babe, many breeders claim to do all this, but in reality, very few really do.  Upon request, we will produce copies of all medical documents supporting the test results for the parents of the Ragdoll baby you are adopting from us.

It is because of all these added precautions that we are very comfortable and confident in offering you the 5-year health guarantee that we include in our contracts.

Our dolls are never ever caged

Baby Whippette snoozing
Baby Whippette snoozing

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