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 Our Policies …

Declawing … It is an unacceptable practice under any circumstance!

Please make sure to read and understand this clearly before making the decision to adopt a Chiffondolls. This section is also part of our contract, which you have to sign, is non-negotiable, and binding.

A lot of people are under the impression that declawing is a routine surgery and is painless to the cat. These people are often unaware that the procedure itself consists of amputating at the kitty’s first joint of every single toe. Each toe is painfully ripped from their little bodies; we cannot endorse such astonishing mutilation and will not allow any of our dolls to endure such pain.

If those are your intentions, then please, a Chiffondolls is NOT for you. Signing our contract to then ignore that clause, would allow us to get that kitty back without any financial compensation to you. These kitties are my babies and I vow to protect each and every one of them as best I can. This is about their welfare and protection.

Investing in proper scratching posts and areas for your furry friends will definitely go a long way in protecting your curtains and furniture; as will the clipping of their claws on a regular basis. As it is natural for cats to climb and to scratch; you should give them alternatives and prepare to be patient and to gently show them where to climb and where to scratch. You’ll be quite surprised at how quickly they learn. All our dolls are provided with scratch posts right from the start and are thought how to use them, so it shouldn’t be a major task getting them to use yours.

We recognize that some do get their kitties declawed not knowing exactly what is done to them; it is a very normal thing to hear of kitties being declawed. Some vets even go as far as offer it. Except, as you can see, we are very passionate about it, and won’t tolerate it.

The following article is from Dr Jean Holve, DVM on the realities of declawing a cat and the serious complications that may arise from doing it. We are reproducing her article with her permission. Just click on the title to link to it …

Declawing: A Rational Look By Jean Hofve, DVM  (will open pdf file in new window)

For more great articles on important feline health and behavior topics, visit the Publications Page at www.littlebigcat.com

Early Alter …

All ragdolls we sell as pets and show alters will have had their altering surgeries prior to their departure from our home; no exceptions will be made. In most cases, the surgery will be performed when the kittens are around 11 or 12 weeks of age giving them a few weeks to recover prior to their adoption.

Our prices include the spay / neuter procedure. 

The following is an except taken from an Article titled “Early Spay/Neuter in the Cat”; written By Susan Little DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Feline Practice).

Early-age spaying and neutering (also known as “altering”) are surgeries performed on kittens before the conventional ages of six to eight months. Typically, these early-age operations take place between the ages of eight and 16 weeks. Early-age altering has been practiced for over 25 years in North America. Attention has primarily been focused on animal shelter and rescue pets before adoption. However, today’s pedigreed cat breeders are increasingly requesting early-age altering from veterinarians, so kittens destined for pet homes can be altered before sale. Breeders who do so are ensuring any kittens they sell will not contribute to the tragedy of pet overpopulation.

In the U.S., it is estimated that four to 15 million healthy cats are euthanized every year because they do not have homes. Figures are not readily available for Canada, but the magnitude of the problem may not be any less daunting. We do know the leading cause of death for healthy unwanted cats in Canada is euthanasia. In some shelters, between 50 and 90 per cent of cats taken in are euthanized, simply because no one wants them.

With many veterinary schools now providing training in pediatric surgery, the availability of better anesthetic monitoring equipment and the development of anesthesia and surgery guidelines for younger patients, there is no longer any reason to delay spaying and neutering pets until after six months of age and evidence is mounting that it is in their best interest to be altered earlier.

”The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) changed its show rules a while back to permit altered kittens to compete. Many breeders of pedigreed cats are working with their veterinarians to neuter pet quality kittens and show-alter kittens prior to placement in new homes. Those breeders who have adopted this policy report that they are very happy with the practice. New pet owners indicate that acquiring an already neutered animal relieves them of the worry and expense of scheduling the surgery at a later date, enabling them to relax and enjoy their new companion. As is the case for shelter managers, breeders can relax in the knowledge that the kitten they place today is not going to contribute to the surplus pet population tomorrow.”

Indoor kitties …

Because the majority of Ragdolls lack the natural instincts to defend themselves, our dolls are sold only as indoor cats only. They adapt perfectly well to the inside life, making them the ideal pet for an apartment or a condo.

No caging …

Kittens with full breeding rights will ONLY be sold to registered and reputable catteries; to those that we feel will best take care of our babies. Priority will be given to those that show. It should be noted that we will not sell any of our dolls to catteries who cage their breeders / cats for long periods of time. We would much rather sell our dolls as pets, to homes where they will be loved and cherished, than having them live in a cage. This is non-negotiable and would be breeching our terms of adoption and giving us the right to get our baby back with no financial liability on our part.

Shipping and delivery assistance …

We prefer not to ship our pet kittens, but we do offer delivery assistance. We are willing to meet you if it’s possible, for a small delivery fee (actual costs). Provinces and States where this is feasible are Quebec and Ontario, and most of the Northeastern States (NY, PA, NJ, MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, ME).

In special circumstances we will consider shipping show-breeding cats; all related costs incurred being the responsibility of the buyer. We will not ship to countries with quarantine requirements or where direct flights are not available.  We strongly believe it is best to travel in-cabin with the cat for its own safety.

Health guarantee …

All kittens go to their new homes with a five year from date of birth guarantee against life threatening genetic defects and illnesses. Furthermore, we guarantee to replace your doll should it pass away due to FIP for the first two years of his / her life. Please refer to the Vaccines’ section below for exclusions.
To replace a kitty having passed away due to medical problems as listed above, we will require medical proof of the condition and / or illness in the form of a necropsy. The costs incurred for such proof will be the responsibility of the owner. Upon reception of the appropriate medical documents, Chiffondolls will offer a replacement as soon as available in the same category as said cat (ie pet, show alter, show breeder), if we are still breeding.

Vaccines and Vet check-ups …

Prior to their departure for their furever homes, all Chiffondolls babies will have received the 3-in-1 vaccine at the age of 8 weeks and 12 weeks; it is recommended by our vet, that a third 3-in-1 vaccine be administered at 16 weeks of age. Thereafter, the recommendation stands at once every year. They will also have visited our vet twice prior to their departure.

Included in the package you will receive when adopting one of our dolls, is their health / vaccine chart signed by our vet. Their recommendations and ours will be included for you to discuss with your own vet.

We do not vaccinate against FIP or Leukemia, and hope you will not take the route to do so. Should you decide to inoculate your Chiffondolls with one of those vaccines, then the guarantees would be invalidated. Vaccinating against FIP or Leukemia could actually cause your kitty to contract one of those diseases. They are unnecessary vaccines which could potentially cause more harm than good.

Deworming …

Our Ragdolls are dewormed 3 times prior to their departure. We administer ”L’intercepteur” at the age of 8, 10 and 12 weeks. We recommend you deworm again at 4, 6 and 8 months of age; frequency would be one dose for each of those months.

Visiting our cattery / home …

Both my husband and I work full-time jobs outside of our home / cattery. We don’t have much time to spare between running the show here and running to shows all over the place, so you’ll understand that the little time we do have left is very precious to us.

Having said that, and regardless of it, we have decided to allow adopting parents to visit our home / cattery if they so wish; but we will be doing this strictly by appointment. The windows of opportunities are sometimes quite scarce and we hope you can understand that sometimes it can be a challenge to schedule a visit. Please know we will do our very best to accommodate you, specially if the goal of your visit is to meet that precious bundle of joy you’re in the process of adopting ;-).

As indicated all over our website, our first priority resides with the health of our babies; having said that yet again, the only thing we ask from you, is to ensure you have not been to another cattery in the past few days to ensure nothing can be passed on to our dolls. We trust you will understand and comply.

Last by not least, visits will only be allowed after the kitty (kitties) you are adopting, has had its first set of vaccines. It is typically done around the 8th week.

Returning a Chiffondolls …

Should you have to separate yourself or be unable to keep, for any reason whatsoever, your kitten or cat from Chiffondolls, you will contact the breeder and return the doll to them or they may assist / help you in finding a suitable new home for the doll.

Under no circumstances are my dolls to be sold, leased or given away to any pet store, research laboratory, breeding mill, shelters or similar facility.

It should be noted that no reimbursement would be issued. This would also apply in the case of buyer’s remorse!


Our prices …

Your Chiffondolls’ Baby comes with lots of ”stuff”.  Please refer to our policies’ section for more detailed information, and in the ” What’s included ” section of our kittens’ page.

  • Pet quality kittens are $1,500 ***
  • Show quality kittens are $2,000 + ***
  • Show Breeders are priced individually

* applicable taxes are not included in our prices
** If using PayPal to deposit, please add the 4% transaction fee
*** those prices are effective as of November 1, 2020.  If we have already received your deposit to be waitlisted, we will honor the prices which were applicable at the time the deposit was received.

All foreign sales – to US and overseas, all prices are as listed but in USD.


Our contracts …

Please ask us for a copy.

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