Ragdoll Cattery – Élevage de chats Ragdolls

Available Kittens

Prepare to fall in love!
These cuties are addictive and will own you in no time

A deposit of $100 is required to be waitlisted
For a list of our prices, please see our Adoption page

*** We don’t have any kittens available at this time ***

Chiffondolls Miss Madison at 6 weeks of age
(Audrey x Bogart are the proud parents)

Kittens will remain on hold until their 8th week for evaluation and assessment.
They will then be offered in order of Show/Breeder, Show/Alter and Pet.
Please contact us with your preference and/or to be added on our wait list.

We will sell our baby dolls only to approved homes or catteries
and reserve the right of selection / rejection.
The best interest of our kittens is always our main priority.

Chiffondolls’ very first litter!!!

We proudly present Coraly’s 5 beautiful and precious babies

Picture taken at 4 days old