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UPDATED April 2, 2024 (Boys, Girls, Retirees)


Front Page News 

CFA CH KissyKat Wish Upon A Star of Chiffondolls (Saphire)

This picture was taken by the wonderful photographer Larry Johnson
in April 2018 when Saphire was just a few short months shy of turning 10 years old!!!

Our beautiful girl Smitten appears on the banner
of the 10th International Ragdoll Congress!

Our 3 stars featured on Mondoux’s VetDiet dry food

From left to right :
CFA GC Supurrrags Santana of Chiffondolls
CFA GP Chiffondolls Loverboy
CFA GC, RW KissyKat MacMac of Chiffondolls

Our MacMac makes the cover of the
Ragdoll World Online Magazine!!

Fall 2014 Edition

Click on the image to link to the RFCI website

CFA GC, RW KissyKat MacMac of Chiffondolls

Picture taken by his breeder Kathleen

Chiffondolls welcomes yet again another KizzyKat babe!!!
Thank you so much Kathleen for this wonderful opportunity,
and for trusting us with this Gorgeous and Sweet Sweet Boy !!!

We are beyond thrilled to welcome him into our breeding program.
Thank you !!!

Mac attended his very first show the week-end after he got here in Concord, NH on May 4-5, 2013.
And surprised us with what we would have only dreamed of …
Our stunning boy become a One-Show CFA Grand Champion !!!

This picture was taken at the Cambridge, Ontario Show held in May 2013

He then took us on a ride we were not expecting, nor were we ready for loll.
We decided it would be fun to show him a bit as a Grand Champion and
see where it went … lo and behold, Mac held first place for the best
ragdoll in the world for the first 10 months of our show season.
He ended up finishing 2nd by only 41 points having scored
nearly 4,500 points during the year.  In CFA you get 1 point for
every cat you beat in each ring at shows.  That means he managed
to beat 4,500 other cats during the year.  This is absolutly amazing to us.

We are beyond proud of our Prince as he also gave Chiffondolls
our very first Regional Winner placing 9th in our region.

Bravo Mac … you will always own my heart and have earned
our utmost respect and admiration my sweet boy!

To the judges that finalled him and believed in him throughout
this whole season, our sincere thanks don’t even reflect just
how greatful we are.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Accepting Mac’s awards at the North Atlantic Region’s 2014 Banquet
(photo by Larry Johnson)

CFA GP LionRoyale Whippette Delite of Chiffondolls

Whippette makes history with CFA
Proud home of the first-ever Ragdoll in the Colorpoint pattern
to earn the GRAND title with CFA
*** Full Story ***

A Dream come True

A warm welcome to Chiffondolls

PR Kebekat Abracadabra Shaka of Chiffondolls
Blue Point and White – CFA and CCA Premier

If you are not familiar with this breed of kitties, prepare to fall in love as we have. As far as personality goes, Ragdolls are definitely it. They have the sweetest personalities and are real purr babies. They just love their humans to pieces; they will follow you around all over the house and will do almost anything to get your attention. These blue-eyed cats are non-matting and have bunny-soft fur. They really are low maintenance.

Come and meet our babies at a show and let your hands feel the Ragdoll experience!!!

The name of our cattery, Chiffondolls, is registered with CFA and CCA. We are also registered with TICA as Chiffondolzz.

Our website is always a work in progress, so please visit us often as we are working every day at incorporating new material and text for your enjoyment.

We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have for us. Whether it be about breeding, showing or our website. Please contact us.

Have a lovely visit!

The drive behind Chiffondolls …

Whippette pictured at 2 years old

Below and above, you will find our two Show Alters.  Even though they are not part of our breeding program, for obvious reasons ;-), they are most definitely the drive behind Chiffondolls.

The very rare Lilac Point pictured above is our baby girl LionsRoyale Whippette Delite; and what a ”delite” she is.  She is a CCA Premier and is a Grand Premier with CFA.  This baby makes history by being the first-ever Ragdoll in the Colorpoint pattern to Grand with CFA.  We are so very proud of her and of this accomplishment.

The Blue Point and White (below) is our handsome boy PR Kebekat Abracadabra Shaka.  This gorgeous babe is a CCA and CFA Premier.  Shaka is presently retired from the show rings.  He does not enjoy the shows and is happiest at home where he prefers to loundge around.

Shaka at 5 months in Buffalo NY (CFA Show, Nov 2007)

GPR LionsRoyale Whippette Delite of Chiffondolls
Lilac Point – CFA Grand Premier and CCA Premier

This banner pictures our original foundation kitties
From left to right, we have Clinton, Sapphire, Coraly and Lola.
You can see more pictures in Our Retirees’ section