Ragdoll Cattery – Élevage de chats Ragdolls

How to Reserve

How to proceed to reserve your Chiffondolls Ragdoll baby …

First and foremost, you need to read our policies’ section located within the Adoption page. These policies are reflected in our contracts and are non-negotiable. No baby of ours will be sold without a signed contract.

On to reservations, we prefer an email from you which details what you are looking for and a short description of your lifestyle so we can try to match as best as we can a baby doll that will fit right in. At the time of the reservation, we will ask you to deposit $100. Confirmation of the reservation will only be issued upon reception of your deposit (deposits are non-refundable). The balance owing will be due when picking up your little bundle of joy. Please note we don’t accept personal cheques and make no exceptions on this rule. Deposits and final payments can be made via PayPal, which can be found on our Adoption page at the complete bottom. They can also be made by certified cheques, bank drafts, money order or cash.