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Kitten’s Health

How they are doing …

It is always such a joy to hear how one of our dolls is doing. Whether they be 8 months old or 8 years old, pictures and a few words from you are a real treat for us. To hear that they are doing well and thriving is incredible to hear but to write with health questions or any problems you might encounter is also always welcome. It will always be our pleasure to do anything we can to help in their transition and in anything else you deem important.

Healthy babies are born to healthy parents!!!

All of our breeding lines have been tested and are negative for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immune Deficiency Virus (FIV), HCM through DNA, heart murmur and we confirm color via DNA testing when necessary.

The testing that we do is quite extensive, but we strongly believe that healthy kittens are born to healthy parents.  Because our first priority, here at Chiffondolls, lies with the health of every kitty that we produce and own, testing is of the utmost importance.

A word of caution when shopping around for that perfect Ragdoll babe, many breeders claim to do all this, but in reality, very few really do.  Upon request, we will produce copies of all medical documents supporting the test results for the parents of the Ragdoll baby you are adopting from us.

It is because of all these added precautions that we are very comfortable and confident in offering you the 5-year health guarantee that we include in our contracts.

Our dolls are never ever caged