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Our Boys

CFA GC, RW Chiffondolls Rock Star (Jackson)
Mirumkitty Ramsay of Chiffondolls (Ramsay)
TICA IW SGC / CFA GC Marlcreek Trouble Comes in Blue (Trouble)

Our Future


CFA GC, RW Chiffondolls Rock Star (Jackson)

Jackson is the son of CFA GC, RW Raggtown Shandy of Chiffondolls
and CFA GC KissyKat Kennedy of Chiffondolls
*** RETIRED ***

He followed in his Momma’s footstep and is also a Regional Winner within the North Atlantic region (season 2017-2018).
He also ranked 5th best Ragdoll in Championship for Regions 1-9 (season 2017-2018)

It really wasn’t in our plans to keep a boy out of that litter, but Jacks
is such a special boy in so many ways, that we just could not resist holding on to him.

Jacks is a seal-lynx bicolor

Here is Jackson at his first adult cat show!
Burlington, VT (January 2018)
These pictures were taken by Len Cuzzupe

The following pictures were taken at the Kimberton, PA show February 24-25, 2018
Where our big goofy boy became a CFA Grand Champion!


Mirumkitty Ramsay of Chiffondolls (Ramsay)

Thank you so very much Judit Jozan for this big gentle teddy bear.
He is such a joy to have around.

Ramsay travelled all the way from Hungary to join us and he enchanted us right away.
It has been such a treat to watch him grow into the stunning boy that he is today.

Here are a few pictures of Ramsay.

Getting him at the airport: 

The following 2 pictures were taken by my photographer friend, Ron Sarault.
Thanks a bunch Ron!


TICA IW SGC & CFA GC Marlcreek Trouble Comes in Blue

I met this beauty all dressed in blue when he was about 8-9 months old at a show
and completely fell head-over-heals in love with him and his purrrrsonality +

To be given the opportunity for him to breed and be in our lines a few years later is AMAZING!
Charmayne, I will never be able to thank you enough for this opportunity.

Trouble was shown by Charmayne mainly in TICA and he did amazingly well.
He is an Internationl Winner and a Supreme Grand Champion with that association!

She had also shown him at one CFA show as an adult and he had earned 180 points.
For a Blue Mitted Boy to score 180 points in one show with CFA is quite the accomplishment.
So, early January 2023, I took him to his second CFA show held in Burlington, VT.
In no time at all on his first day of showing, he became a CFA Grand Champion.
So very proud of this boy and I was so happy to give Marlcreek a CFA GC on a mitted.

He truly deserves all the titles that he owns, and then some!

The proud parents are :
Dam : Marlcreek Cantucky
Sir : CH Keepers Even Steven of Marlcreek

Thank you Charmayne for letting me use the following pictures!