Ragdoll Cattery – Élevage de chats Ragdolls

Our Boys

CFA GC, RW Chiffondolls Rock Star (Jackson)
CFA CH Raggtown Shakira of Chiffondolls (Shakira)
Chiffondolls One in a Million You (Mickey)
Mirumkitty Ramsay of Chiffondolls (Ramsay)

Our Future


CFA GC, RW Chiffondolls Rock Star (Jackson)

Jackson is the son of CFA GC, RW Raggtown Shandy of Chiffondolls
and CFA GC KissyKat Kennedy of Chiffondolls

He followed in his Momma’s footstep and is also a Regional Winner within the North Atlantic region (season 2017-2018).
He also ranked 5th best Ragdoll in Championship for Regions 1-9 (season 2017-2018)

It really wasn’t in our plans to keep a boy out of that litter, but Jacks
is such a special boy in so many ways, that we just could not resist holding on to him.

Jacks is a seal-lynx bicolor

Here is Jackson at his first adult cat show!
Burlington, VT (January 2018)
These pictures were taken by Len Cuzzupe

The following pictures were taken at the Kimberton, PA show February 24-25, 2018
Where our big goofy boy became a CFA Grand Champion!

CFA CH Raggtown Shakira of Chiffondolls (Shakira)

Our heart-felt thanks go to Sandy once again for sharing her
wonderful lines with us.

Shakira’s eye color is a nothing short of dreamy.
He has such a huge purrsonality and a great coat.

We are thrilled to welcome him in our breeding program,
and we can’t wait to see the babies he’ll produce with our girls.

Shakira is a seal bicolor

Chiffondolls One in a Million You (Mickey)

Our little prince has stunning eyes and the head type we love so much.
He is full of mischief and not much stresses him out … purrrrrzonality +.

His Momma is MacKayla and Daddy is Kennedy!
He is fourth generation Chiffondolls on his Mom’s side.

Here are a few pictures of Mickey at 3 months.

Mirumkitty Ramsay of Chiffondolls (Ramsay)

Thank you so very much Judit Jozan for this big gentle teddy bear.
He is such a joy to have around.

Ramsay travelled all the way from Hungary to join us and he enchanted us right away.
It has been such a treat to watch him grow into the stunning boy that he is today.

Here are a few pictures of Ramsay.

Getting him at the airport: 

The following 2 pictures were taken by my photographer friend, Ron Sarault.
Thanks a bunch Ron!