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Chiffondolls Betty of DollVilla

Open photo


Marlcreek Trouble Comes in Blue

Big Congratulations to our sweet boy for becoming a CFA Grand Champion
at the Burlington, VA show held in January 2023.


CFA GP, RW Chiffondolls Chasing Rainbows (Chaser)

To Mary, our heartfelt thanks for showing him so beautifully and to his full potential.
We always love hearing about his show accomplishments and how proud you are of him!

In the following picture, Chaser is receiving a Best Cat in Premiership from judge Bethany Colila.

CFA GC Chiffondolls Mimosa


CFA GC Chiffondolls Sola of Reddoor

CFA RW, GC Chiffondolls Victory of USAPurrs

CFA GC Chiffondolls Rosemay

CFA GC Chiffondolls Rosalie

CFA GC Chiffondolls Emma Rose

A year-end full of emotions for Chiffondolls …

We have had a dreamy season finale and we are still on cloud 9 !!!

Most importantly, CFA GC, NW Chiffondolls Simba of DollVilla became our very first National Winner.  He managed to finish 25th best all breed cat within CFA’s Regions 1-9.
That title is definitely one of the most sought after in the show halls, and probably the most difficult to obtain.  Lauren and her accomplice Simba were determined to achieve it and they did.  Our most heartfelt and sincere thanks go to Lauren for showing Simba so beautifully.  I will be so very proud to accompany Lauren to Atlanta, GA at the end of June 2018 for the CFA Annual Awards’ Banquet.

Then, our beautiful CFA GC, RW Chiffondolls Rock Star (Jackson), managed to pull himself into the top 25 all breed cats of the CFA North Atlantic Region at the very last show of the season held in Easton, PA.  It literally went to the very last ring to determine who made it in and who had not.  Jacks finished 24th.  We are so very proud of our beautiful boy and can’t wait to see the babies that he’ll produce for us

At the very same show, our very own CFA CH, GP Chiffondolls Miss Madison became a Grand Premier … making her proud Momma a Distingued Merit cat.  CFA GC Lottarags Audrey of Chiffondolls, DM is our very fist Distinguished Merit kitty.  We are beyond thrilled!

A week-end like this will never happen again, but we truly enjoyed every second of it!  A huge thank you to my show buddy Nancy of Envycats Persians who was there with us cheering the Ragdolls on and sharing their amazing accomplishments!

CFA GC, NW Chiffondolls Simba of DollVilla

CFA GC, RW Chiffondolls Rock Star (Jackson)

CFA CH, GP Chiffondolls Miss Madison

CFA GC Lottarags Audrey of Chiffondolls, DM


Show News, like father, like son …

CFA Grand Champion Chiffondolls’ Rock Star (Jackson)

Our big goofy boy became a GC at a CFA Show held in February 2018
Jackson is Kennedy’s and Shandy’s son (pictures below)

We can’t wait to see the kittens he will father!

Congratulations our  sweet boy xo


CFA Grand Champion KissyKat Kennedy of Chiffondolls

Our gentle giant became a GC at a CFA Show held in February, 2016


CFA GC, RW Raggtown Shandy of Chiffondolls

Shandy became a 2-show CFA Grand Champion January 10, 2016
At the Burlington, Vermont Show

She was barely 9 months old!!!
Congratulations to our sweet girl and her breeder Sandy Wuerch!!!

She also managed an 18th position in the
CFA North Atlantic Region making her a RW (Regional Winner)

We are so very proud and happy that this sweet baby-girl is with us!

2015-2016 Show Season
CFA Grand Champion
CFA Regional Winner (NAR)
CFA National Color Award (2nd best seal bicolor)
CFA’s 6th best Ragdoll in the World

Our beautiful girl appearing on the very prestigious
2017 show catalogue cover for Vermont Fancy Felines

CFA Grand Premier
Chiffondolls La Symphonie de Mozart

Another beautiful boy out of Audrey x Bogart!
So happy to announce that Mozart became a
CFA Grand Premier in a show held in Brockport, NY in August 2015

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter
Chiffondolls Dylan of Sal-Shire

This is a first for Chiffondolls.
One of our very own kitties is being shown in TICA.

Dylan is a neutered boy being shown by his new mom Donna.
Thank you so much for showing him so beautifully!

Dylan is out of Kalypso x Magic

9th International Ragdoll Congress

held at the Garden State Show July 19-20, 2014
(Somerset, New Jersey)

What a wonderful show this was!
It was only the 2nd time that this Congress was held in CFA.
Having attended the one in Denver 4 years ago, we were
very much looking forward to this one.

Final results for Chiffondolls are as follows :

Best of the Best Ragdoll Kitten in Show
CFA GC Chiffondolls Carlos Santana


Carlos made his grand-daddy proud
Bogart had taken 2nd best ragdoll kitten in show
at the Denver International Ragdoll Congress 4 years ago

Carlos now lives with our dear friend Ling of Dolly Pie Ragdolls
He became a CFA GC at a show held in Shenyang January 24, 2015.
Congratulations to Ling & Carlos and hearthfelt thanks
for showing him so beautifully!  We are very proud of both of you.

Show season 2014-2015:
RFCI’s 14th best kitten


2nd Best of the Best Ragdoll Kitten in Show
Chiffdondolls Marquis of LaCatDolls

CCA Grand Champion (March 21, 2015)
BEST Ragdoll in Championship with CCA – Show Season 2014-2015
and 13th best cat in Championship AB
making him a Canadian National Winner!!!

(owned and loved by our good friends Jane and Don LaCarte)
Marquis is the littermate brother to Carlos
Parents are Mimi x Santana

Marquis was shown in CCA (show season 2014-2015)
We are thrilled and proud to announce that Marquis finished the season being

Marquis became a CCA Grand Champion March 21st, 2015
Huge thanks to Jane and Don for showing him so beautifully
and for your wonderful accomplishments with him.

This is Marquis at 1 1/2 year old!!!


5th Best of the Best Ragdoll Kitten in Show
CFA GC Chiffondolls Miss Mathilda

Miss Mathilda is the daughter of Miss Madison x Santana

She became a CFA Grand Champion
at a show held in Brockport NY March 7-8, 2015

Here is Mathilda now an adult :

Show season 2014-2015
CFA’s 2nd best ragdoll kitten for the NAR
RFCI’s 7th best ragdoll kitten
RFCI’s 12th best ragdoll in championship


And last, but not least …
4th Best of the Best Ragdoll in Championship in Show
CH Pagatos Roxie of Chiffondolls

Show season 2014-2015
CFA’s 2nd best seal point & white ragdoll for the NAR
RFCI’s 9th best cat in championship

CFA GC, RW KizzyKat MacMac of Chiffondolls

*** CFA One-Show Grand Champion ***
Regional Winner with CFA’s North Atlantic Region
(9th best AB cat in Championship)
2nd best Ragdoll with CFA (World – National Award)
Best of color (seal point & white) with CFA (National Award)
Best Ragdoll in Championship with RFCI
Best Ragdoll in Championship with Ragdolls of America
Show season 2013-2014

GC, RW KizzyKat MacMac of Chiffondolls

Mac became a Grand Champion May 4-5, 2013 at the Seacoast show held in Concord, NH.
Not only did he go into that show as a first-timer, but he managed
8 finals out of the 10 rings accumulating more than enough points to make
him a CFA Grand Champion at his very first show !!!

He then took us on a ride we were not expecting, nor were we ready for loll.
We decided it would be fun to show him a bit as a Grand Champion and
see where it went … lo and behold, Mac held first place for the best
ragdoll in the world for the first 10 months of our show season.

He ended up finishing 2nd by only 41 points having scored
nearly 4,500 points during the year.  In CFA you get 1 point for
every cat you beat in each ring at shows.  That means he managed
to beat 4,500 other cats during the year.  This is absolutly amazing to us.

We are beyond proud of our Prince as he also gave Chiffondolls
its very first Regional Winner placing 9th in our region.

Bravo Mac … you will always own my heart and have earned
our utmost respect and admiration my sweet boy!

To the judges that finalled him and believed in him throughout
this whole season, our sincere thanks don’t even reflect just
how greatful we are.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Both his breeder Kathleen and us are beyond thrilled with these amazing accomplishments !!!

Congratulations to our sweet sweet boy.

Accepting Mac’s awards at the 2014 CFA North Atlantic Awards’ Banquet
(pictures by Larry Johnson)

CFA Grand Champion
Supurrrags Smitten of Chiffondolls

and BEST Mitted Ragdoll with CFA, Season 2014-2015 & 2015-2016

Our big, mooshy and over-the-top friendly girl,
became a CFA Grand Champion at the show held April 11-12, 2014
in Freehold, NJ.  To Grand such a non-traditional kitty with CFA
is no small thing, but to Grand her in only 2 shows and 2 rings,
is nothing short of outstanding.  Smitten is an amazing
example of our wonderful breed and we feel honored that
she bares ”of Chiffondolls”.

Smitten also took 3rd best Ragdoll for CFA’s North Atlantic Region
Show season 2013-2014

CFA Show Season 2014-2015
2nd best Ragdoll with the North-Atlantic Region
and CFA National Color Winner
(CFA’s BEST Mitted Ragdoll – 2014-2015)
She is also 11th best ragdoll with CFA

 CFA Show Season 2015-2016
2nd best Ragdoll with the North-Atlantic Region
and CFA National Color Winner 2 years running
(CFA’s BEST Mitted Ragdoll – 2015-2016)

*** Presenting our Grand Premier ***
GP Chiffondolls Loverboy

Another amazing baby-boy from GC Andrey and CH Bogart!
This boy is huge and tipped the scale at 13 lbs at only 8 months,
but he is as gentle and sweet as you can dream them up.

He made us very proud in becoming a CFA Grand Premier in
only two shows.  He obtained his title at the Garden State Show
held in Somerset, NJ on July 21, 2013.

He is 6th best Alter with RFCI for the show season 2013-2014

*** The most amazing news ***

CFA Grand Champion Chiffondolls Stardust Magic

Our first home-grown kitty to become a Grand Champion with CFA.

Today, February 17th, 2013 is a Grand day here at Chiffondolls.
Our baby-boy Magic just become a Grand Champion with CFA
at the Kimberton, PA Show.

And he did so in Grand Style taking Best, 2nd Best and 3rd Best
Champion with 3 different judges in All Breed rings!!!

Not only did he Grand, but he has tones of points to spare.

We are a tad over-the-top thrilled right now ;-))

Congratulations to our sweet sweet boy xxo

*** Proudly Presenting our new Grand Champion ***

GC Supurrrags Santana of Chiffondolls,
our blue mitted babe, became a CFA Grand Champion
September 16, 2012 at the Syracuse, NY Show

Thank you Sue and Bill for letting him be part of our lives
and for breeding such an amazing boy!!!

The Ragdolls come in 3 patterns, and we are proud to say
that Chiffondolls now has a Grand in each of those patterns.
Although we are unsure if we are the first ones to accomplish
this, we are pretty sure there aren’t many out there who can claim this.

Proudly presenting our Baby-Grand Champion
GC Lottarags Audrey of Chiffondolls

A special thank you to Len Cuzzupe for these wonderful pictures
of Audrey taken at the Groton, CT  show held Oct 29-30, 2011

Our sweet Audrey became a Grand Champion at the Hammonton, NJ
show held November 5, 2011

Audrey Granded at the age of 8.5 months making her a Baby-Grand!!!

If ever a cat was born to show, it is this sweet baby girl.
She absolutly loves it all, and just purrs all the time.

Audrey is the daughter of :
GC, BW, RW Supurrrags Striper of Lottarags x GC Lottarags Jazz, DM

Awards and rankings for the 2011-2012 show season –

2nd Best of Breed for the North Atlantic Region
Best of Color Class for the North Atlantic Region
Ranks 8th best Ragdoll in Championship internationally

2010 Ragdoll International Congress
Denver, CO (September 25-26)

We were so excited to be attending our very first Ragdoll International Congress.  The whole experience was more than awesome.  Finally meeting some breeders face to face, reuniting with those we already knew and loved, showing side-by-side with the Ragdoll Legend Breeders who came from all over the world for this huge event, was totally out of this world for us.

To add to everything else, our handsome Bogart managed to pull 2nd Best of the Best Ragdoll Kitten in Show!!  We will never ever forget this show.  For a ragdoll breeder (specially a new one ;-)) to enter that show hall was almost magical … rows and rows of ragdoll show cats lollll  I honestly felt I had died and gone to heaven !!!

We are already making plans to attend the 2012 Ragdoll International Congress which will be held in Lancaster, PA in November.  Their website is already up and running !!!

My husband was unable to attend the Congress with Bogart and me, so my Mom decided to tag along.  I need to give her a huge thank you for all of her support and cheering Bogart.  To have actually have someone there with me sharing all these emotions, made it even more special.  Merci Moman!!

Here are some pictures of Bogart and me at his best ;-).

Denver, CO Sept 25-26, 2010
Ragdoll International Congress
places 2nd Best of the Best Ragdoll Kitten in show
(35 ragdoll kittens were present)

Receiving Bogart’s award
It was presented by Denny Dayton and Wain Pearce themselves!!!
***What an honor and a treat that was***
This is one show we will never ever forget

Being awarded best ragdoll kitten by Wayne Trevathan
Judge Trevathan also awarded Bogart 2nd Best AB Kitten

Being judged by Wain Harding who went on to give him
Best Ragdoll Kitten and 2nd Best AB Kitten

(95 AB kittens were in attendance)

Who is the Ragdoll pictured in this Ottawa Citizen article published in November 2010?

CFA & CCA CH Lottarags Bogart of Chiffondolls
(pictured here at 8 months)

Whippette makes History with CFA

Our Lilac girl is the first-ever Ragdoll ”in the Colorpoint pattern”
to earn the GRAND title with CFA

Chiffondolls proudly presents:


She is our very first Grand and she is also the very first kitty from LionsRoyale to Grand!!!  How awsome is that!  Whippette attained the Grand status in Cambridge, Ontario on May 23, 2009.

In May 2008 CFA accepted the mitted and colorpoint patterns in the Ragdoll into Championship.  Even though a few mitted Ragdolls earned the Grand title since then, our sweet Whippette is the very first Ragdoll ”Colorpoint” to Grand with CFA.  We are so very proud of our sweetie.  We can never thank Blossom Cheverie enough, her breeder, for letting us have this beauty all wrapped up in gorgeous lilac.

To the judges that finalled her, thank you!!!

Special thanks go to Judge Walter Hutzler who believed in her from the very first time he layed eyes on her, having finaled her almost every time she found herself on his judging table.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

GPR Whippette being judged by Walter Hutzler in Binghamton, NY April 2009

January 2-3, 2010 Update – Burlington, Vermont
Mr Hutzler does it again as it he calls her back for his All Breed final
giving her 3rd Best Cat in his ring.
Congratulations to our sweet Whippette who also made two other finals
in specialty rings, placing 4th best and 9th best cat.

Why Cat Shows are important

If you are serious about breeding pedigreed cats, then you have to be serious about cat shows.  They are about conformation against each breed’s standard and about coming as close as you can to producing the perfect kitty as per that standard.

How the cat shows work – you have 3 divisions: cats, kittens and premiers (altered).  The kitties do not compete one against another within each division … well, they do, but here’s how it goes.  Each breed has a written standard which reflects what the ideal cat should look like.  Each kitty is judged against its own breed’s standard and he/she gets points for all their ”good stuff”. Then each judge gets to do their own final and the cats having accumulated the most points with that specific judge will be called back to their final.  It is a pretty simple way of explaining a complex point system, but makes it easier to understand for those who are not familiar with cat shows.

You can find more detailed information and descriptions on websites such as CFA, CCA and TICA.  For you convenience, we have added them to our links’ page.

As show halls are the only place cats really get evaluated, it is the breeders’ only true way of knowing if they are on the right track with their breeding program or not.  If only for that, it is a must.

Kitten mill owners and most backyard breeders will not even consider attending one of these shows or incur the expenses related to them.  These breeders are not serious about the quality of kittens they are producing and will favor profit and mass-production over the welfare of their kitties.  As with most of them, the health of their cats is not their first priority.  Please beware …

Even though we don’t travel to shows every single week-end, we do get around to most of the CFA shows in the New York State and in Canada.  There’s a pretty good selection and they can keep you pretty busy.

Shows are not only about titles, points and ribbons; they are also about camaraderie and friendships.  They offer great opportunities to learn from other breeders, and the beauty of it all, you get to show off your babies ;-)!!!

Some kitties are real show-offs and just thrive in this type of ambiance; they like the week-end getaways, are easy-going when it comes to travel, and just love the spotlight and attention they get at shows.  On the other hand, you have other kitties who much prefer the laid-back pampered life at home.  Even though we love to show, we will not show a kitty that doesn’t want to be shown and doesn’t do well in these settings.